locker features

elite lockers

Air Flow Venting System

Vynil Label Holder

Welded Steel Door

Polyester Powder Coating - Elite Guard

Semi Concealed Hinges

Rebated Door

Double Entry Key

Metric Dimentions

Clutch Type Padlock

The materials used classifies this locker as a fire retardant product meeting the BS Class ‘0’ rating.

elite guard...

Bacteria are classified into two groups. Gram negative or Gram positive, dependent upon their response to a purple dye stain. Gram positive bacteria absorb the dye and produce a positive strain, these bacterai tend to have a higher resitance to certain antibiotics such as penicillin due to their more robust cell wall structures.

Interpon AB has been independently tested against a range of bacteria and has been found to be effective against them. Interpon AB can provide an effective secondary support to existing cleaning regimes in the fight against bacterial contamination.


Anti-bacterial powder coating an effective solution to fight against bacterial contamination for the life of the coating.
Independently tested and found to be 99.9% effective against MRSA and E-coli.

Also shown to exhibit zero growth for fungi and moulds. elite GUARD offers the healthcare, food and those users requiring stringent hygienic environments an effective secondary support to existing cleaning practices in the fight against bacterial contamination.

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