stainless steel hazardous substance cabinets

elite lockers


Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel with reinforced doors. 3-point locking on double door cabinets and supplied with a recessed locking handle complete with 2no. keys. Mastered series lock. Doors incorporate full length piano type stainless steel hinges. Supplied with adjustable shelves with a shelf loading of 60kg UDL.

The shelves can be adjusted at 25mm increments with the use of a spring loaded clip. The cabinets are supplied with a leak proof fixed sump and GHS signage, as shown. 

Additional GHS signage options plus a chemical segregation chart is supplied within each cabinet.

stainless steel hazardous substance cabinets

  • Practical hygienic storage solution
  • Suitable for external use (in sheltered conditions)
  • Robust construction
  • Reinforced doors
  • Leak proof sump
  • 3 point locking

stainless tseel hazadous substance cabinets

Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
CCK984CH 900 x 900 x 450
3 point locking - 2 shelfs - 1 sump
CCK884CH 1800 x 900 x 450
3 point locking - 3 shelfs - 1 sump

GHS signage will be supplied on these cabinets, the primary label is the Flame meaning ‘Flammable’

Additional GHS signage supplied loose includes ‘Oxidizing’, ‘Harmful/Irritant’, ‘Explosive’ ‘Acute Toxicity’, ‘Corrosive’and ‘Aquatic Toxicity’



Best Practice…  Cabinets supplied without removable sumps. Extracting a heavily laden sump is both difficult, dangerous and unsafe....risks contamination from the contents of the sump onto operatives.

Elite's cabinets are manufactured with an integral leak-proof base sump. Spillages should be removed with use of a suitable absorbent material or siphon pump, good practice.


sloping Top...

Prevents the build-up of dirt/debris with a modular sloping top integral to the cabinet carcass. Adds 150mm to the cabinets height.


adjustable part height divider...

Allows the divider to be adjusted up and down the length of the shelf to create custom sized compartments. Height of divider 100mm.


height adjustable legs...

Cabinet raised 50mm with an additional 40mm from the adjustable feet. Maintains a clean environment and helps when levelling the cabinet on an uneven floor.


extra and perforated shelves...

Additional shelves available and are supplied with 4no. spring loaded clips per shelf. Shelves can also be manufactured with perforated holes.