mifare/RFID lockers

elite lockers

mifare/RFID lockers

  • Available across the locker range
  • Can be easily retro fitted
  • 10,000 closings with one battery
  • Can be integrated into existing RFID systems
  • Competitively priced
  • Easy to operate administration software

BeCode air lock offers a keyless access solution that is simple to use, and importantly, can be integrated into an existing clients RFID system e.g. educational establishments ....student access cards can be assigned to a particular personal locker space.

Security sensitive areas....visitors mobiles, cameras etc can be deposited securely at reception area in a managed locker. The user would be issued with designated Mifare/RFID card.

The Mifare/RFID card or transponder, is then simply presented to the face of the BeCode air to activate the lock, the dial is then rotated for access.

Rfid/Mifare Lock

Mifare/RFID lockers