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 Personal Hygiene: A Basic Prerequisite Program for Ensuring Food Safety

Storage of personal  items

To prevent staff from bringing personal items (e.g. keys, mobile phones or coins) into production and storage areas, where they could contaminate products (e.g. as foreign bodies), there must be sufficient and suitably secure storage for employees’ belongings. Consideration should be given to the storage of bulky items such as motorbike leathers and helmets, as well as items such as jewellery and food.

Storage areas should be designed to facilitate good practice and cleaning (e.g. lockers with sloping tops to prevent the accumulation of rubbish and raised off the floor to facilitate cleaning).

Segregation of personal items from work clothing

Separate storage facilities for personal items and work clothing are necessary to prevent cross- contamination of clothing via the locker. This is often achieved  by:

  • using a locker with a divider to separate work clothing from personal clothing
  • enclosing protective clothing in a bag, such as a laundry bag, before use
  • providing a separate area for hanging of work clothing.

Due to the potential for cross-contamination, clean protective clothing must be segregated from dirty protective clothing (e.g. through the provision of separate locker areas or a dedicated collection point for dirty laundry).

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