hazardous substance coshh cabinets

hazardous substance coshh cabinets and mini coshh cabinets

Hazardous substance coshh cabinets offer a secure and specific storage solution  for the control of those hazardous substances as classified by CHIP and the CLP regulation.

Constructed from steel with reinforced doors and 3 point locking these cabinets incorporate a leak proof sump to contain spillages and are supplied with GHS labelling.

Conforms to Health & Safety Executive Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002.

  • GHS labelling
  • Robust construction
  • Chrome door handle
  • Anti bacterial powder coated paint finish
  • Reinforced doors
  • Leak proof sump
  • 3 point locking

Specification: Manufactured using high quality steel  0.7mm – 1.5mm for extra rigidity and to maintain structural integrity under extreme conditions. Doors are reinforced with steel door stiffeners. Welded leak proof base sump. Supplied with adjustable shelves. Sloping tops and stands available. Powder coated paint finish. Mastered locks supplied with 2 keys. These products are not fire proof.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : In accordance with HSE guidelines and regulations, before these cabinet are placed into operational use, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that : the signage to be displayed on this cabinet is appropriate to the hazards associated with those chemicals or products to be stored within.

New GHS labelling will be supplied on Coshh cabinets, the primary label is the Exclamation Mark meaning ‘Harmful/Irritant’….

Additional alternative labelling supplied loose includes ‘Health Hazard’, ‘Acute Toxicity’, ‘Corrosive’and ‘Aquatic Toxicity’……

Labels are easy peel type to allow switching of the primary label. Additional GHS signage and chemical information segregation chart supplied within each cabinet.

Best Practice…  Cabinets supplied without removable sumps. Extracting a heavily laden sump is both difficult, dangerous and unsafe….risks contamination from the contents of the sump onto operatives.

Elite’s cabinets are manufactured with an integral leak-proof base sump. Spillages should be removed with use of a suitable absorbent material or siphon pump, good practice.

hazardous substance coshh cabinets

Product Code H x W x D (mm) Shelves Sump 3 Point Locking
724818COS* 1830 x 1220 x 457 3 45Ltr
723618COS 1830 x 915 x 457 3 36Ltr
722418COS 1830 x 610 x 457 3 20Ltr
483618COS 1220 x 915 x 457 2 36Ltr
393618COS 1000 x 915 x 457 1 30Ltr
361818COS 910 x 457 x 457 1 15Ltr
283618COS 710 x 915 x 457 1 30Ltr

mini coshh cabinets

Product Code H x W x D (mm) Shelves Sump 3 Point Locking
243615COS 610 x 915 x 381 1 15Ltr
301818COS 760 x 457 x 457 1 10Ltr
281812COS 710 x 457 x 305 1 10Ltr
241818COS 610 x 457 x 457 1 10Ltr
181812COS 457 x 457 x 305 1 5Ltr

janitorial coshh cabinet

Product Code H x W x D (mm) Shelves Sump 3 Point Locking
723618JANCOS* 1830 x 915 x 457 3 15Ltr

*Supplied with ‘Guidance on GHS labelling notice’

coshh stackable cabinet

Product Code H x W x D (mm) Shelves Sump 3 Point Locking
283618COSK 710 x 915 x 457 1 30Ltr

locker stands with adjustable feet

Product Code H x W x D (mm)
3618STCOS 533 x 915 x 457
1818STCOS 533 x 457 x 457

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